Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Knitted Pegasus

Ann Molvik's son Hollis is really into Greek mythology and asked if she could knit him a Pegasus.  Sure enough, she was able to find a pattern for a Pegasus.  Got to love Ravelry!  This is a great pattern by Mamma4Earth, very detailed for $5.  Ann used Solid Twine with leftover sock yarn in multicolor blues form Knitpicks for the mane and tail.  I used about 150-200 yards, all doubled.  Here is where the pattern can be purchased:


To see all colors of twine available, check HERE.  There are 47 different colors and styles from which to choose.

What a great idea to use twine for knitting stuffed animals.  It's so soft and easy to wash and you will make someone very happy with this fun toy.

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