Friday, June 28, 2013

Twine Market Tote

Twine is a fun and fabulous new fiber and is becoming very popular with knitters and crocheters.  SRM offers 47 different colors of our Twinery Twine.  Be sure to look for it in your local stores.  And on the blog we are fortunate to have an accomplished knitter, Ann Molvik, playing with our twine and she's loving it!  Check out Ann's Ravelry site. She has been knitting for years and even creates some of her own patterns.  We recently gave Ann a supply of Twinery Twine and she was off and running.  

Ann's first project is a Market Tote knitted using Buttercream Baker's Twine.  

Here is the pattern that she used to create this tote:
The bag took about 175 yards to create and each spool of Twinery Twine is 240 yards so you will have twine left over for other projects. 

Ann thought that this tote would be great to take to the Farmer's Market but her son Nathaniel thought that it was perfect to store his plastic veggies! 

Have you thought about using Twine in your projects?  It's a wonderful fiber that is 100% cotton, 4 ply, strong and will not fade.  And it's Made in the USA!  Ann loves working with twine and is planning lots of projects to share with us.  Can't wait to see what she does next!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Welcome to Twine & Tubes!

Welcome to Twine & TUBES, where you will find the focus on Twine for knitting and crocheting and on our TUBES for storage of knitting and sewing supplies. Be sure to look for these products at your local store.

Have you tried twine yet?  It's a fabulous fiber.  SRM's twine is produced by The Twinery™ and is the finest quality, made in the USA.  The Baker's & Solid twines are 100% cotton, 4-ply.  They are soft, washable and will not fade.  Shimmer Twines are also 4 ply with one of the strands a metalic thread to give the fiber a shimmering quality.

Twine offered by SRM comes in 3 styles:  Baker's Twine, Solid Twine and Shimmer Twine. There are 47 delicious colors from which to choose. 

Baker's Twine (22 Colors)

Solid Twine (16 Colors) 

Shimmer Twine (9 Colors)
 And if you are looking for projects to make with twine, Ann Molvik will be featured on our blog with her twine creations.  You can check Ann out on her Ravelry site.  Drop by often to see projects that Ann has knitted or crocheted.  Ann loves this fabulous new fiber with which to create! 

And if the Twine isn't fun enough we will also be featuring SRM's TUBES! They come in 5 sizes and are a perfect container for storage of hooks, knitting needles, beads, buttons and so many other notions.  

Join us again soon for more Twine & TUBES.  We've only just begun!