Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Crocheted Heart Scarf

Looking for something special for that special someone for Valentine's Day?  Here's a crocheted heart scarf from Ann Molvik using Solid Maraschino Twinery Twine.  This project takes about 150 yards, just a little over 1/2 spool of Twine. 

You can make this scarf in red or any color.  It's a perfect way to say "I love you" any time of year!

Here's the Maraschino Red Solid Twine Ann used on her scarf but you could also use the red/white Maraschino if you like!

 If you want to do pink, the Pink Sorbet is fun!

Check out all the Twine colors HERE!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Itty Bitty Pumpkins

Ann Molvik loves to create knitted home decor for every holiday and season.  For Fall and Halloween, she decided to create some little pumpkins that can be used for home decor or even as place card holders at your Thanksgiving table.  How totally fun and adorable! 

Ann, who loves knitting with twine, found the perfect colors from The Twinery for this project: Solid Mandarin Orange for her pumpkin and Solid Peapod Green for the stems.  For the pumpkin pictured above, Ann found a free pattern on Ravelry from Marie Green called Luscious Little Pumpkin

For her second project Ann created a trio of pumpkins.  She could not find a pattern that she liked, so she created her own!  And we are sharing that pattern with you HEREHow fun are these to create for your home or as gifts for friends and family!

To create her little pumpkins, Ann used Solid Mardarin Orange and Solid Peapod Green.  She used about 50 yards in Solid Mandarin and scraps of Solid Peapod.  

Be sure to look for Twinery Twine in your local knitting stores.  Twine is becoming such a popular fiber and The Twinery has 47 different colors from which to choose!  It's 100% cotton, 4 ply, washable and Made in the USA!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Knitted Pegasus

Ann Molvik's son Hollis is really into Greek mythology and asked if she could knit him a Pegasus.  Sure enough, she was able to find a pattern for a Pegasus.  Got to love Ravelry!  This is a great pattern by Mamma4Earth, very detailed for $5.  Ann used Solid Twine with leftover sock yarn in multicolor blues form Knitpicks for the mane and tail.  I used about 150-200 yards, all doubled.  Here is where the pattern can be purchased: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rainbow-the-pegasus-unicorn-pattern


To see all colors of twine available, check HERE.  There are 47 different colors and styles from which to choose.

What a great idea to use twine for knitting stuffed animals.  It's so soft and easy to wash and you will make someone very happy with this fun toy.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Mini Christmas Stocking Ornaments

Ann Molvik loves these darling little knitted ornaments.  She's created one of them for each of her 5 children for Christmas.  So quick and easy to make, they use less than 15 yards per ornament to make.  And wouldn't they be perfect on a Christmas tree or on top of a package? Ann used Twinery Twine in Marischino Baker's Twine, Pea Pod Baker's Twine and Solid Natural. 

Here's  the pattern Ann used:

Who knew that twine could be so fun for knitting?  Never too early to get started on sweet little treats for Christmas.  Thanks Ann for all the inspiration!  These are simply adorable!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Non Stop Twine Tee

Ann Molvik loves to knit for her family.  She has 5 children and they all have lots of beautiful sweaters, vests and novelty knitted items like headbands and toys.  

Today Ann shares with you a "Non Stop Tee" that she knitted for her daughter Lillian.  Ann used Lilac Twine from The Twinery and this little sweater is adorable!  The Non Stop Top is knitted in one piece, without breaking yarn. It is flexible in size and can just as well be worn inside out, so toddlers and small children can easily dress themselves.

Lillian loves her knitted tee!  Can you tell?  Ann used 1 1/2 spools of twine on this project, about 360 yards. 

Ann's girls love the Twinery's Lilac Purple.  It's their favorite color!

Here is the link to the free pattern by Torunn Espe

And by the way, the twine is 100% cotton and washes up beautifully.  Doing a lot of knitting for her children, Ann wants a fiber that washes up nicely.  With an active girl like Lillian, this tee has gotten many washings! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Storing Crochet Hooks, Cozy Style!

Amy Crocket had a idea!  She thought it would be fun to take one of SRM's clear TUBES that is empty....

and create a cozy covering for it.  So she crocheted a cover and topped it off with a crocheted flower....

and then she stored her crochet hooks inside! 

What a great storage idea!  What would you put into your TUBES?  They come in 5 sizes and are great for storing so many different things! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Crocheting Braclets

Looking for a fun project to make with your kids or grandkids?  Here's a perfect way to teach them how to crochet.

Begin with their favorite color.  Ann Molvik created this for her daughter who chose purple as her preferred color.  What a surprise...a girl who loves the color purple! :)  This twine is called Lilac and each spool has 240 yards so you will have plenty of twine to crochet multiple bracelets.

Ann then crocheted the little flowers and put them all together to create this fun and fabulous bracelet.  What little girl would not love to receive this?

Ann's daughter wears her bracelet all the time.  And all her friends want one too!  It would be a great gift for any little girl.  

Thanks for joining us today.  Come back soon to get more ideas of using twine in your knitting and crocheting projects.